12 Habits of People Who Always Have a Clean House:

Even if you visit them unexpectedly their house is clean. Even if they have 5 kids, their house is
clean. Even if they have a demanding full time job, their house is ALWAYS clean! You’re
cheerfully greeted in their entryway with a smile and fresh scent. The closets and drawers are
organized. (I know you secretly open them to check) There is little or no dust. There are no
dishes stacked in the sink, and the sink looks clean. These people really do exist and they really
do keep a tidy house. Do you wish you knew their secret? Follow the steps below and enjoy the clean!

1. They put away their clothes
2. They don?t own extras of anything, including pillows and blankets
3. They keep paper organized
4. They wipe down surfaces after use
5. Their bed is for sleeping not storing
6. They make their bed everyday
7. They put shoes and coats away
8. They wash their dishes right away or put them in the dishwasher
9. They put things away properly every time
10. They sweep, vacuum and dust regularly, 3-4 times a week
11. The entryway is a priority
12. They take the trash and recycling out regularly

Adopting these habits will keep your home clean, neat, and tidy and will reduce the stress
associated with a messy, dirty house. You will be surprised at how little amount of time it takes
for each task, and how much time it saves you in the long run. Also, when your house cleaner
arrives for regular or deep cleaning, you save her time and you save yourself money on any extra
hours spent on tidying.