Breathe Easier In Your Home

There?s a lot of talk about the environment these days.? I often feel confused by all the information out there. ?What can I do to be a more conscientious consumer of this big green earth? Reduce, reuse and recycle!? Use fuel efficient vehicles and machines!? Look for the Green Seal on cleaning products!

I have a big family and I want to protect them.? Besides having a negative effect on everyone?s health in the home, household chemical cleaning products are the second most common reason for a child?s exposure to poison. I recently have tossed out all cleaners which are not Green Seal Certified.? I just use water mostly, and cleansers can be homemade from natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and essential oils. Eliminating toxic cleaners improves indoor air quality, which especially can benefit children, pets, and people with allergies or who are at risk for infection.

What if in addition to my own work cleaning my home, I want to hire someone to clean?? What practices should I look for if I want to be sure harmful chemicals will not be used in my home?

I work for a residential cleaning company. In addition to using only Green Seal certified products, we use a patented chemical dilution system for cleansers, which improves cleaning performance, and helps the environment by conserving water.? It?s a revolutionary mixing system which features zero-percent spillage, zero fumes and zero handling.

Additionally, a major element of our cleaning regimen is de-ionized water. ?I always thought water was just plain water.? Well, the H2O that we all learned about in science class usually contains other elements from the ride it takes from ground to tap.? Tap water is usually full of ions from the soil, from the pipes, and other sources.? De-ionized water has been processed through a filter that removes nearly 100% of elements other than the hydrogen and oxygen that form the water molecule. But water isn’t very happy in that state; it wants more “friends” in the form of the minerals found in dirt and organic soils and contaminants. You might say that de-ionized water becomes the life of the party, drawing all the other minerals and elements into the fun. In this way, de-ionized water is an excellent cleaning solution for many areas.

Working for a company who is concerned for the environment and the health and safety of their employees and clients makes me feel like I am doing my small part to increase understanding, concern and care for our little piece of earth.